The Verbier Touch deliver world-class treatments  in the comfort of your hotel or home, available all day to suit your every need.  


All treatments are delivered by qualified Therapists and include a choice of natural, organic Weleda oils and aromatherapy scent, fresh cotton sheets, a heated table and music of your choice.   



The Verbier Touch Classic

Deep Tissue

CBD Oil Massage

(Sports Massage)

Developed and refined over 15 years to ensure a tailored and  personalised  full body treatment. The therapists are able to apply their extensive knowledge and experience to address your needs  and to  help prevent injury.  This is the perfect end to your day and ensures you are able to keep skiing  tomorrow  and the day after.  

1 HR =150 CHF 

1.5 HR =210 CHF 


Alleviates deep seated tension and restores movement through a number of  trigger points  and muscle releasing  techniques.   Your pressure needs are always met during this highly effective treatment leaving you feeling strong and energised. Perfect after an exceptionally intense day on the slopes.

1 HR =170 CHF 

1.5 HR =240 CHF 


This treatment uses  CBD oil, which is the non-toxic non-psycho-active component of the hemp plant.  At  The  Verbier  Touch we  have chosen an organic and superior CBD oil, supported by clinical trials to ensure maximal results.  

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1 HR =170 CHF 

1.5 HR =240 CHF 

Lymphatic Drainage

3 months onwards

Rest and ease your mind whilst you  enjoy long,  sweeping  strokes and soothing techniques. Designed for  a truly restorative treatment through  ultimate comfort and relaxation.    

1 HR =150 CHF 

1.5 HR =210 CHF 

Congratulations Mummy!  Feel confident and relaxed in the hands of our experienced professionals, who use a variety of techniques to increase blood flow, reduce water tension and release any stresses during this 
holistic treatment.   

1 HR =150 CHF 

1.5 HR =210 CHF 

A therapeutic treatment involving small superficial massage techniques to drain toxins and increase your blood flow leaving you feeling lighter and  fully  invigorated.   

1 HR =150 CHF 

1.5 HR =210 CHF 

Couples Massage

Share the joys of a massage with your friend or enjoy a romantic bonding experience with your partner, so you can both feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  Two therapists arrive at the same time and you can decide whether you would like the treatments in the same space or separate.   

1 HR =150 CHF 

1.5 HR =210 CHF 

(Per person)




At  The  Verbier  Touch, we believe in treating the  cause  of your issue, not just the symptoms.   


Book a  1 hour  Physiotherapy session to see an expert Swiss registered Physiotherapist for a thorough assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management plan. If an onward referral is required, The  Verbier  Touch is linked to leading  consultant led  clinics in Switzerland and Harley Street London to ensure the highest standard of care is provided to you.   


Our bilingual Therapists use a wide variety of  evidence-based treatment  techniques to ensure optimum results are achieved. Please see below  the  various  treatments we offer if appropriate to you:  

  • Joint  mobilisation  and manipulation  

  • Soft tissue and  myofascial manipulation & release  

  • Acupuncture and dry needling   

  • Kinesio taping   

  • Personalised  home exercise program               

  • Advanced biomechanical and postural assessment   

  • Pre and post-surgery Physiotherapy  

  • Injury rehabilitation  

  • Scar management  

  • Hydrotherapy (available on request if client has access to a private swimming pool)  

Please note Physiotherapy is currently for private paying patients only (not insurance/prescription).   


Please contact us to book or use the booking form.  

1 HR =150 CHF



Acupuncture is an  evidence-based  treatment derived from Chinese  medicine.   

It involves the placing of small, single use and  sterile  needles into the bodies soft tissue along energy channels (meridians), by  an  experienced Physiotherapist.  


It is one of the many skills used within physiotherapy as a multi-modality approach to the management of a patient’s symptoms. It aims to  reduce pain  and inflammation by stimulating the body’s own healing chemicals in order to  aid recovery  and  enhance rehabilitation.   


Acupuncture is recommended  by  UK National guidelines (NICE) and has an extensive research, backing  its  use in muscular and joint pain for example: tendonitis, joint inflammation and arthritis.   


Acupuncture can be used as a standalone treatment or as part of your Physiotherapy treatment.   


Please contact us if you have any more questions or would like to book, alternatively please use our booking form.   

Acupuncture is performed as part of your Physiotherapy treatment

1 HR =150 CHF 



“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; if it is completely flexible at 60, you are young” 

-  Joseph  Pilates, Creator of Pilates.  


Pilates is a form of exercise designed to improve full body physical and mental wellbeing through a combination of targeted mobility and strength exercises performed in a controlled manner. It is a highly efficient way of improving core strength, postural control and correcting any muscle imbalances.  Pilates is an essential part of  professional  athletes training programs and comes highly recommended from the Physiotherapy community.   


At  The  Verbier  Touch we provide 1 to 1 or small group sessions in the comfort of your home led by a UK registered Physiotherapist and APPI  (The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute)  trained professional.    


Please contact us to book or use the booking form.   

1 HR =150 CHF 


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