‘We believe everyone deserves the same high quality experience they expect on holiday,
day to day’.

After 19 years of providing the World’s elite ski resort Verbier with superior quality
Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy, The Verbier Touch is delighted to offer the same
service in London.

Why use The Harley St. Touch?


> We believe your appointment time is all about you, so we guarantee highly
experienced Physiotherapists with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic ability so we
can ensure you get the results you deserve from your appointment time.


> At The Harley St. Touch, we put a large emphasis on manual treatment as we believe it
is essential in speeding up your body’s optimal mobility and healing process.
Combine this with; education, and a personalised exercise program to target any
biomechanical imbalances, and our team ensures you return to pain free, full
function long-term.

> Feel confident and relaxed with our friendly Physiotherapists and network of leading
Consultants, who have years of experience working with World class Athletes and
treating complex cases in the highly regarded medical district, Harley Street.

> Quality management and Client satisfaction is our priority which is why our
advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists come to you, in the comfort of your
home or work place with everything you need; a table, heated blanket, fresh cotton
sheets, Weleda oils and your choice of music.

What treatments do we offer?

See our full list of treatments here (all our treatments: 60 minutes = £130 - 90 minutes = £170)


Providing a healthy, happy work environment is paramount for ensuring a successful
company, which is why we believe investing in employees' wellbeing is key.
At the Verbier Touch we offer bespoke in-house packages consisting of:

> Pilates and Yoga Classes
> Physiotherapy
> Massage Therapy
> Acupuncture
> Full Work Desk assessments service carried out by experienced Physiotherapists
specially trained in occupational health, ergonomics and health and safety.



> Improving employee happiness and productivity
> Reduced sick leave
> Reduced health care costs to the company
> Supportive environment if returning to work
> Improving employee wellbeing benefits
> Compliance with regulations to provide regular DSE assessments

Please contact us for more information on creating a healthier, happier workplace today.