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How To Stay Active and Happy During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Timing is everything, perhaps now more than ever, during this pandemic. As we watch the world around us change drastically, day by day, it's hard to know what to do. Good mental health and positive well-being can help you better cope with the COVID-19 threat and the uncertainty it’s creating.

These are 5 ways to keep a sense of control: 1. Set limits around news on COVID-19 and seek accurate information from legitimate sources. 2. Look after yourself physically and mentally by exercising, stretching, eating well, socializing online with friends/family and staying mentally stimulated. 3. Self-audit: this is a great time to take a step back and to assess your life. Are you in a fulfilling job? Are you happy in your relationship? What can I do to better myself? What have I always wanted to do? 4. Reach out to others and support people around you: what can you do to help your community perhaps online or from a distance? 5. Acknowledge your feelings: it’s ok to feel anxious, to feel uncertain, to have up and down days, motivated one day or angry another.

Here are many ideas to achieve those 5 points:

1. Make a list of friends and family to talk to and call them.

2. If you are sick or in self-isolation, use your phone or social media to ask for help.

3. Grow food or spend time in your garden if you have one.

4. Take time to talk (from a distance) or bake for neighbours (disinfect container and leave on doorstep with a note).

5. Use Zoom, Scrabble or HouseParty, and talk and play with friends online.

6. If a friend struggles with OCD, anxiety or mental illness, give them special attention.

7. You can play games/entertain via Skype for healthcare workers or their family? Post your offer on Facebook.

8. Keep your children’s minds, hearts, bodies and imaginations active. Do not feel guilty if you think they are bored, let their imagination run wild (take them to the forest, paint, play hide & seek, make bracelets, etc.,).

9. Call a family meeting to discuss some changes you want to make after this pandemic.

10. Start a daily meditation or mindfulness routine (there are some great YouTube videos).

11. Set time aside to ask yourself what your personal goals are for the next year.

12. Take a daily walk (with/without dog). Nature is open 24/7 .

13. Join an online choir and sing your heart out with thousands of others.

14. Start a daily exercise routine, to keep fit and build your immune system (support independent instructors in your community by donating money to join their class).

15. Check on your finances and government emergency programs.

16. If you own a business, how can you do better next year? Sets goals and get organised!

17. Learn a new skill. List five possibilities and choose one (learn an instrument, language, baking, software program, sowing, DIY, etc,.)

18. If you are an activist for any kind of positive change, set aside time to persist.

19. Explore the world of online courses and choose one.

20. Choose five books you’d like to read. Share and swap with neighbours or friends.

21. Try new recipes for future dinner parties, new vegetarian or vegan options.

22. Order take away from a local restaurants to keep them in business.

23. Plan a camping trip.

24. Explore the world of music, past or future concerts you’ve been or plan to go to.

25. Download your favourite or new movies (recommend to friends and family), try to limit to one movie a day.

26. Limit time on your mobile phone and social media to just 1-2 hours a day.

27. Share uplifting stories on social media, to dispel negativity, worry and fear.

28. Make a list of your favourite family puzzles and games and choose one to play.

29. Explore the world of podcasts and learn or create one yourself.

30. Can you give blood? Call your local clinic, it is always needed and now more than ever.

31. Make a list of procrastinated household jobs, tidy, clean and organise bathroom or kitchen cupboards.

32. Watch a good YouTube massage video, learn new techniques and practice on your family, partner or housemate.

33. Visit a local forest, learn about trees and wildlife.

34. At 9 pm every night, open your window, clap and bang pots and pans to support our healthcare workers who are working day and night to fight this virus.

35. Do you have a skill set that can raise money for healthcare workers? To help with their lunch meal, parking or even rent.

Please share and comment if you have any more ideas to add to the list, we would love this to help as many people as possible.


Love L & L

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